Admins, you are the leaders here. You control most of the wiki. You are to make this wiki better with every little tweak. You also have rules to follow.

1. Never ever abuse your powers. You have the best powers here. Deleting stuff, protection, and so on. If you abuse any of this, you get revoked and banned forever.

2. Make good decisions. As you have your powers, you need to use good judgement. If this means asking anyone for help, then do it. A group decision is better then a lone one.

3. Don't ban without a reason. I hate this more than anything, when you ban, you put a reason in the little box.

4. Keep watching the wiki. Even I can't do this, this is why you were promoted.

5. Admins, let the Chat Mods do their work. Chat Mods are for chat, you don't need to control the chat, they do. If you want to, that's fine, but let the Mods control their ground.