Mario 2


Mario. Nintendo's big money maker, mascot, head honcho, whatever you want to call him. He is a carpenter turned into our favorite plumber. Mario is a well known character through out gaming history, turning into an iconic gaming figure. Gaming wouldn't be the same without our plumber. There is a ton of things he can do like throwing fire balls, ice balls, fly, and a lot more. 

Games Associated with Mario~Donkey Kong & Jr.Edit

~Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3

~Mario Party

~Mario Kart

~Paper Mario

~Olypmic Games

~Super Smash Bros./Melee/Brawl

NOTE: I didn't go EVERY game was in because it would take me forever.

Consoles with Mario TitlesEdit

~Every licensed console with Nintendo

Facts about MarioEdit

~His real name is Mario Mario