Welcome to A Gamer's Archive Wiki rules page. Here you can find all the rules you'll need to know about what the wiki is for, posting rules and other things.

THE RULES - Read them!

1. Gaming Only - The name should give this one away, but in case you're a bit slow then I'll be glad to point out that this wiki is for GAMING ONLY, not reviews or YouTube bios or anything of the sort.

2. Contribute Away - Just because it doesn't exist doesn't mean it shouldn't. Feel free to add in anything you see fit, whether it's an image, a page or text.

3. Respect Everyone - Simple enough really. Be nice to others and they will be to you. If you're gonna be nasty, then you should expect the same in return.

4. Be One Person Only - There is no need for someone to have 2 or more accounts. If this is found out, then one or all of the accounts will be banned.

5. Emotes - No more than 7 emotes for admins and 5 for mods. Emotes kinda get crazy.

6. Have Fun - Another simple rule. We're all here to have fun, so don't spoil it.

7. Don't start what you can't finish - No WIP's or missing entries. This will cause confusion and will be assigned a 2 hour ban.

8. Pornography - If I see any, instant month ban.

9. Spamming - This is an infinite ban. If me or the admins see any spamming, we will take immediate action and ban you forever. No second chances.

10. Protection - Admins, you have full rights to put protection on any bio but you must have good reason. If a bio gets vandalized, it gets full protection immediately. If a regular wants a bio protected, let him get a good reason then you have the choice of protecting it.

Enjoy the Wiki!